MW Crew

Founder/Owner/ Editor in Chief/Writer : Maram Mohammed

Ciao tutti, I am Maram Mohammed, a 16 year old who really just aspires to be someone she is proud of when she is inhaling her last breath.
I have always had this overwhelming pull to literature, art and psychology. I have always been so intrigued by it all. And perhaps, I just knew that my path is in-between all those lines and letters upon letters on the pages of my never ending book collection.
It wasn’t until two years ago, when I decided that I will do something about this overwhelming passion. Instead of hiding all of my writings in the depth of my drawers, I read them out loud. I posted them online and then I decided to start my own platform. A space, from scratch, for more creative peeps like me to express. On the first of August 2018, my first child was born, Milkyway Magazine. My child is now a handsome one year old and I am falling in love with him more and more as the days pass by.

System Manager/ Writer: Nada El Nady

Hey guys! I’m Nada, an extremely sarcastic being who has a great taste in music and is too curious for her own good. I’m a simple girl of 17 who is the eldest of her siblings and lives on reading and scribbling her thoughts down on paper (actually typing them on my phone but oh well). I started writing a couple years ago, taking it as a hobby that I practice during free time and a means of receiving praise from my teachers who always gave me high grades when I do it. As I grew up failing to find ears to listen, I strived to find eyes to read, one of the reasons why I joined the magazine. I grew a strange attachment to my only means of comfort and consolation and thus, held on it with my teeth and claws. l discovered the beauty that can be put into a few written lines that rhyme at the end, the amount of undefinable power and indescribable emotion they can express.

General Manager: Amr Khattab

My name is Amr Khattab , Egyptian, 17 years old and currently suffocating while studying for my American Diploma.
My hobbies are photography and photo editing. (I am also very fond of helping people)
I believe that I don’t just take a photograph, but I create a piece of art.
Milkyway Magazine? It’s not a place that I simply work in, but rather a place that has become my home. A place that is full of positivity and good spirits.
It is also a place where i am usually screaming: Guys you have potential.

Staff Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

I am Abdallah Sobhi, 17 years old, primarily a content genie, but also an editor in the magazine. I am a senior by now, and I live in Jeddah, KSA. I joined the magazine since roughly two months. I am primarily passionate for football and its articles. My hobbies are basketball and billiards. I am the moody kind in this magazine; sometimes I am so interested to work and sometimes just too lazy. I joined Milkyway because of being so free at first, but then I found myself there and it became just like my second family.

Editor: Khalid Mohammed

Hi, I’m Khaled. I’m 16, live in Obour, and currently worrying about the SAT. I like to keep myself entertained 24/7, either with movies, books, TV shows, anime, YouTube, Reddit, or anything else that piques my interest. I mostly listen to Rock music, all subgenres included (J-rock, 80’s, etc.). You can find me actually working here once every 2 weeks, but I like to think I do my job well. I’m not very good at talking about myself, so for now, Sayonara.

Writer: Farida Hweedy

Describing yourself could be perceived as shallow to most people, but writing about how you see yourself from your own perspective, you’ll find out a lot more about yourself. My name means “unique” (Farida) which makes me feel instantly way more special. As I grew up, I had an intense passion for all kinds of arts especially drawing. Until I had reached about the age of 14, I started developing a new hobby, writing. I started writing every time I felt a glimpse of inspiration. I started writing when I’m sad, happy, or even when I can’t describe how I feel at the time. I saw it only as a hobby at first. As time went by, I got better at it and felt my passion slowly shift from drawing into writing. I felt the urge to write more. I was always searching for inspiration. As a 16 year old, I recently joined the magazine enthusiastically to encourage myself to be a rightful writer and improve my talent. I always loved describing such vague straightforward subjects in a more insightful way. As my life goes on, I continue to search for happiness in every way possible and I do my best to share my positivity with others and show them how they are so much more than their eyes can see. And that ,my friend, is just a glimpse of who I am.

Writer: Nayirah Salem

Hi there, I am Nayirah, a 16 year old crazy hair freak, who is almost always sarcastic. Writing is the only way I express myself; I started writing short stories at the age of 5. I am a life lover. My ridiculous love for animals might be one of the reasons I am alive. I have many aims on this planet, as well as a lot friends whom I deeply love. I love smiling, laughing, as well as not resisting ice cream and chocolate. My biggest addiction is coffee, memes, music and Salsa. The biggest lover of black you’ll ever meet (you will never ever find someone who loves black more than me). Soccer flows in my blood. Cars, driving and horse riding are my sources of happiness in life.
“Be crazy, be stupid, be weird, be sweet, be whatever because life is too short to be anything but Happy” that’s the rule that guides me in life.

Writer: Rawan Mohammed

Hey y’all Im Rawan, 14. I’m still trying to figure out the world around me. I’m outgoing and such an extrovert. I’m a very curious person and sometimes a deep thinker. Writing and reading are my passions. If you know me you’ll immediately know that I’m a very sensitive and dramatic person when it comes to women’s rights. I would love to leave a statement in our world, after all, we’re never to young to dream.

Writer: Malak Mahmoud

I’m Malak Mahmoud, a person who basically pours their entire soul into mere alphabet. Writing is pretty much an equivalent of oxygen to me because sometimes (many times) I escape into it. I mainly write about the turbulence the soul goes through, the deepest cyclones that I feel within, and about whatever else ignites my mind.

Writer: Omar Essam

I am Omar Essam, an up-and-coming Egyptian writer. I am sixteen years of age and I write in both Arabic and English. In fact, I wrote about 8 short books in both languages. My main fields are boxing and football, but writing is where I feel calm and composed.

Writer: Haidy Wazery

Hey, I am Haidy Wazeery and my pen name is Adalhaid.
I am a 17 year old hopeless romantic yet ambitious writer/poet who has never been in love but likes to talk about love and heartbreak like I have got it all.
I am a high school senior student who wants nothing from this life but to travel abroad either for studying or tourism. I crave the feeling of responsibility and living independently in a country far away from home. I think I wanna study computer engineering. I don’t really care about which major I want to apply for after I finish my senior year, I just want to get a scholarship and travel abroad. Before discovering my writing talent, I was so lost and I literally was good at nothing. This made me so angry especially because I can’t express my feelings or talk about them. Writing is my only way out even if it’s not that good. I believe that every piece I write, I give it a part of me so all my pieces are really special to me in some
complicated way.

Graphic Designer: Omar el Ma7e

Hello everyone. It’s your boy Omar Elma7e, but you can call me Ma7e. I’m 16 years old and a senior as of now. I am a graphic in the magazine. I live in Jeddah. I joined the magazine since well over 2 months now. I am primarily passionate about taking portrait photography. I really like playing the piano and swimming. I am always down to work on subjects for the magazine almost all the time. I joined Milkyway because I wanted to share my skills and improve them, and gladly, I became better and found people there that are like my brothers/sisters and it so far has been a great community that I’m proud to be a part of.

Social Media Manager: Rwan Yousry

I am Rwan Yousry. By 18-9 I will be celebrating my 16th birthday. I am of Egyptian nationality ,however, I am living in Saudi Arabia, specifically Jeddah. The only talent I posses is drawing. It might sound weird but I find it hard to draw any thing but female faces. I may describe myself as an extrovert; always eager to know new people, try new things, dive into new experiences. In 31-5-2019 my life was blessed; I joined milkyway magazine as a SMM ( social media manager).

Guest Writer: Farida Ahmed

Hey! I’m Farida, a ‘head in the clouds’ kinda girl. I mix up constellations in the universe and come up with emotion-filled poems that -i hope- will sweep you off the ground. I first started writing because no one listens so I decided to tuck tiny galactic miracles of poetry into every heart that didn’t listen. That’s how I got into the magazine. Another thing about me is that I’m in love with reading and music. Lastly, TV series are what keep me functioning.

Guest Writer: Nesrina Ahmed

Helloz! I’m Nesrina Ahmed, a sixteen-year-old and a passionate writer that is obsessed with books. I started writing when I was nine years old, so literally writing has become part of me and a soothing hobby that I enjoy practising. My goals are simple, I’d like to be a successful writer and poet and I’d love to help fix our planet and society. Nature is another obsession of mine and that’s probably why you’ll find me quiet most of the time, I simply love to observe and watch the world around me.

Guest Writer: Jihan Osama

I am Jihan, a psychology geek who also happens to be a writer here in Milkyway. I’m known for being a bookworm. I suffer from multiple mental disorders. One of the disorders I have is compulsive decluttering which is a type of OCD. I advocate for mental health as well. I believe in ending mental health stigma and creating a more loving supportive environment for those who suffer mental illness. I’m knowledgeable about emotional abuse and abusive relationships. I’ve been through abusive relationships myself which led me to try breaking the pattern. I’m an empath and I can sense other people’s emotions. I want to have a career related to mental health and mental health care. I care about religion and believe that religion should shape our lives and our values. I’m is an introvert and I love solitude. I want to heal the trauma in myself and others.

Guest Writer: Rania el Nahrawy

I am Rania Elnahrawy, a 20 years old young woman. I am an English major, passionate about language generally. I am not sure how to best describe myself, I have never had anything linear, or clear. I love Poetry, reading and writing it. I love to write in general, yet I am not confident enough to call myself a writer. I am a very spontaneous person, impulsive, and tender. My soft heart is what brings me into a state of agony most of the time, yet wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am never sure of what I am, or what I want to be; I am just a young adult wandering through life, desperately searching for a purpose. My hobbies revolve around all that’s written, and music. I am sociable and introvert all at once, everything and its opposite. I seem like an open book, only that the book is open on the introduction, then you’ve got to purchase to read what’s left. I call myself a feminist because I differentiate myself from a doormat, and I call myself open minded because I am able to understand and absorb differences. I am one you didn’t meet yet; can’t guarantee you whether that’s a blessing or a condemnation though.