MW Crew

Founder/CEO/ Editor in Chief/Writer : Maram Mohammed

A Picture Of Maram Mohamed
Ciao tutti, I am Maram Mohammed, an almost 17 year old who really just aspires to be someone she is proud of when she is inhaling her last breath.
I have always had this overwhelming pull to literature, art and psychology. I have always been so intrigued by it all. And perhaps, I just knew that my path is in-between all those lines and letters upon letters on the pages of my never ending book collection.
It wasn’t until two years ago, when I decided that I will do something about this overwhelming passion. Instead of hiding all of my writings in the depth of my drawers, I read them out loud. I posted them online and then I decided to start my own platform. A space, from scratch, for more creative peeps like me to express. On the first of August 2018, my first child was born, Milkyway Magazine. My child is now a handsome almost 2-year-old and I am falling in love with him more and more as the days pass by.

Managing Director/ Senior Writer: Nada Elnady

A Picture Of Nada Elnady
Hey guys! I’m Nada, an extremely sarcastic being who has a great taste in music and is too curious for her own good. I’m a simple girl of 17 who is the eldest of her siblings and lives on reading and scribbling her thoughts down on paper (actually typing them on my phone but oh well). I started writing a couple years ago, taking it as a hobby that I practice during free time and a means of receiving praise from my teachers who always gave me high grades when I do it. As I grew up failing to find ears to listen, I strived to find eyes to read, one of the reasons why I joined the magazine. I grew a strange attachment to my only means of comfort and consolation and thus, held on it with my teeth and claws. l discovered the beauty that can be put into a few written lines that rhyme at the end, the amount of undefinable power and indescribable emotion they can express.

IT Director/ Video Editor: Omar Elmahy

Hello there. It’s Omar Elma7e, but you can call me Elmahy. I’m 17 years old and a senior as of now. I’ve been a web designer for quite a while now and a graphic designer. I’m Egyptian and I live in KSA, Jeddah. I joined the magazine in April of 2019 — almost a year. I am primarily passionate about taking photographs. My favorite sport that I practice is swimming. I am always down to work on subjects for the magazine almost all the time. I joined Milkyway Magazine because I wanted to share my skills and improve on them as I grow with the magazine, and gladly, I became better and found people there that are like my brothers/sisters and it so far has been a great community that I’m proud to be a part of.

Assistant to Managing Director/ Project Leader: Ola Refaat

A Picture Of Ola Refaat
Heyy it’s Ola,
I’m the Assistant to the Managing Director and a Project Leader.
I can be described as a moody person with a passion for art.
Creativity is one of my strong points and my mind is always out of the box.
I take a huge interest in art and music.
Speaking of music I’m an army (BTS fandom),
I’m a perfectionist at hand and get inspiration from the smallest details around me.
As my friends would describe me, I’m genuinely caring with a thoughtful yet assertive character and that would never lessen the fact that my stubbornness still resides in me.

Project Leader/ Staff Writer: Hania Mostafa

A Picture Of Hania Mostafa
Heyy, it’s Hania i’m a writer here. You might have stumbled upon an article or two of mine. Here’s a few things about me . I’m a hardcore book worm. Coffee is a necessity in my life, which means my day officially starts after my morning coffee (yeah it’s that bad). I’m so passionate about fashion. I mean I’d be satisfied if someone took me shopping and forgot me at the mall. My friends would describe me as a caring and loving person as well as very slow at almost everything.

Social Media Manager: Lara Abdelhaleem

A Picture Of Lara
Hello! I am Lara Abdelhaleem. I am 20 years old and a Virgo! I am a Communication and Media major. I am the Social media manager of this great platform. I am a very social person who loves interacting with people from different cultures and traditions. My favorite color is blue where it reflects me in many ways from loving summer to sea, pool, and sky. I also have a blogging Instagram page called @laraj19 where I post photography and write about interesting product reviews too. I enjoy writing whenever I have the chance to. I find that writing is therapeutical and relaxing. Traveling is amazing! my favorite place I have visited so far is Turkey! It is such a beautiful country. Being busy is a great thing! where I enjoy attending extracurricular activities, events, and taking part in volunteering. It is great learning something new every day! And starting the day with a beautiful smile, energy, and mindset. A fun fact about me is that I speak a little bit of Spanish. It is a great opportunity to be part of the Milkyway Magazine community and I can not wait to show you all what I have got!

Executive Assistant to CEO: Mai Saad

Hi everyone! This is Mai the executive assistant of the CEO.
Honestly introducing myself is probably one of the hardest things to do because I’m just a combination of a crazy, outgoing, hyper, loud, friendly, young, night owl that is obsessed with traveling, going out and partying. I want to create a life that I love and that I will remember. I can be very competitive and very creative just turn on some music and leave me with a paper and a pen. I love taking pictures and being myself. People say that I seem like a very intimidating and scary person at first that they would probably want to avoid until they really get to know me and see the real side of me but I mean… what can I do! I can be very stubborn tho like tell me not to do something and I’ll do it twice and take pictures, but everyone has their flaws you know and that shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. Basically overall I’m just a normal girl that really doesn’t care about what people think and I wanna be myself and I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. I guess I’m still working on getting to know myself, but for now I’m satisfied with who I am and yeah that’s about it.

Arabic Assistant to the CEO/ Staff Arabic Writer: Mennatullah Ahmed

Hii everyone!!
I am Mennatullah, a 16-year-old girl who finds writing to be her only haven, an integral part of her and the most comfortable, non-judgmental shelter in which she finds her way to transform the randomness and feelings lying inside her into letters that could hopefully touch someone’s heart one day.
An overthinker that loves escaping from the real world into her own world which she herself has created by her thoughts, her blank papers, and her inky pen.
A book worm who lives thousands of lives between the lines of her beloved books and the stanzas of her favorite poems.
A person who firmly believes in the motive, “if there is a book you want to read but hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it!” and your new defense against dark arts griffindor-sorta teacher!

Senior Writer: Nagla Aly

A Picture Of Nagla Aly
It’s Nagla Aly Khalifa! A 17 year old Poetess and Writer with a dream of touching everyone’s hearts with her words. For this year, she wishes to impact as many people as possible with her words and her strong motive “ I stand for what I believe in “. A big fan of music and is creating her own music so you can always message her about music and she’ll definitely talk to you!

Senior Writer: Shahi Ezzeldin

A Picture Of Shahi
Heyy everyone. I am shahi, a 15 year old bibliophilic mess.
I believe that the girl who reads books today will be the girl writing them tomorrow, so here I am, spreading my thoughts around with every keystroke and scramble of paper. Wandering often, stargazing always. With an aspire to make the world a better place with a humble mindset and a sunny spirit.

Senior Editor: Khaled Mohammed

A Picture Of Khaled Mohammed
Hi. I’m Khaled, an editor here at Milkyway Magazine. I’m quite flattered to see you checking out my bio, considering you didn’t just scroll past it. Since you’re already here, I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. I’ll (hopefully) be graduating high school in 2021, I’m an avid reader, eater, YouTube-watcher, and overall a huge geek. I write occasionally when the bulb lights up, but for the most part, I’m here to support and offer guidance to our amazing writers. I think that’s enough about me. Tschüss.

Staff Writer: Amal Magdi

A Picture Of Amal Magdi
Senior Writer/Architect/Jungian enthusiast
A blend of insurmountable rationality and a bit of insanity all contribute to make up the existence of a grammar guru with a love for art, aka Amal Magdi

Staff Writer: Menna Abdelfattah

A Picture Of Menna Abdelfattah
My name is Menna Abdelfattah. I love writing, basketball and most importantly food. I hate coffee (no offense to coffee lovers) but I adore anything related to chocolate and cookies. I like having new and thrilling adventures and I hope to be a famous poet/writer, someday.

Staff Writer: Aya El Saiedy

A Picture Of Aya El Saiedy
Hey, kids! I’m Aya: an unidentified creature that only comes out at night, but doesn’t live under your bed, don’t worry. I’m obsessed with mystery and inspection, sunsets, dogs, coffee, Colleen Hoover’s books, Marina and the diamonds, and so many more things. I’m a really nice and friendly person, or I try to be as much as I possibly can, and I’m all about self-love and care. I believe that you can never truly be happy unless you’re happy with who you are as a person. I have so many hobbies and creativity outlets like reading, writing (hence the reason I’m here), drawing, painting and moree. Still figuring myself out, I guess. I can get really creative, all it takes is a few strong emotions that keep me up at night and there you go, art.

Staff Writer: Dima Hassanein

A Picture Of Dima Hassanein
i’m a junior at Princeton International School. i love traveling and in my free time I like to read and write. I consider my self a very independent and introverted person so I like expressing my feelings by writing them.

Staff Writer: Raghed Hamza

A Picture Of Raghed Hamza
Hey there! I’m Raghed Hamza, a writer here! I mainly write articles, but the occasional poem slips in. I love literally everything about outer space, so if there’s some post about space, it’s probably by me!

Staff Writer: Mariam El Sanabary

A Picture Of Mariam Sanabry
I am Mariam El Sanabary, but they call me Sabane5 and don’t ask why.
I am in love with books and reading which led me to working here. I sometimes feel too much, other times I feel nothing. I am the perfect contradiction you will ever meet. I love this weather and fantasy and as a typical 15 year old I hate school.
My mom is my idol in life, she’s the greatest person you can ever meet. My family is my priority then comes everything else. The last two years gave me the best and hardest lessons I have ever come to learn.
May 2020 teach us, not kill us.

Staff Writer: Anthony R Salandy

A Picture Of Anthony
Anthony is a mixed-race poet & writer who likes to focus on the contrast between nature and humanity but also the many similarities that bring the two together. Anthony enjoys the pastoral as well as the depth of human sentiment and action and tries in earnest to express this in his poetry. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony enjoys writing about the impact of multiculturalism in his life as well. Anthony’s work has been published 11 times in Kuwait Times (‘Half Kuwaiti?’ ARS), The Kuwait Poets Society’s Ink & Oil Zine (June 2019), The Showbear Family Circus, Dream Noir Literary Journal, Straylight literary magazine, poets choice magazine, The Book Smuggler’s Den, Montana Mouthful literary magazine, Sumou magazine as well as winning a Sociology Association Competition at the University of Amsterdam. Anthony has 1 upcoming chapbook entitled ‘The Great Northern Journey’. Anthony is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Staff Writer: Farida Ahmed

A Picture Of Farida Ahmed
Hey! I’m Farida, a ‘head in the clouds’ kinda girl. I mix up constellations in the universe and come up with emotion-filled poems that -i hope- will sweep you off the ground. I first started writing because no one listens so I decided to tuck tiny galactic miracles of poetry into every heart that didn’t listen. That’s how I got into the magazine. Another thing about me is that I’m in love with reading and music. Lastly, TV series are what keep me functioning.

Staff Writer: Menna KaLboush

It’s Menna KaLboush! A sixteen-year-old writer who has a great passion for all different types of art, and is also very obsessed with music and movies, and believes that words have their own path to human hearts.
I am a girl with so many goals and aspirations, who believes that everything in life is inspiring. For me, I find great inspiration in people, music, photography, and even darkness! I simply believe that our lives will get better once we find our way of expression, right?
To be honest, I don’t have friends. It was pretty upsetting at first but over time I realized that I always had enough time to get to know myself even better; the things that I sincerely love, who I am, and who I aspire to be. In the end, I think that loneliness is not that bad. I kind of enjoy living in my own world!!
Anyway, here I am trying to find my way to take everything that I’m inspired by and everything I’ve been through, and make something new out of it that is real, heartfelt, and creative!
My intention for everyone is to find love and peace wherever they step in life, and for the world to be a better place!

Staff Writer: Mariam Hisham

Hi! I’m Mariam Hisham. I’m 17 years old. I’m an English writer here at the magazine. I’ve been writing since I was 10; I see writing as my way to communicate with the world as i’m a super introverted person. I’m a huge fan of reading, cooking and painting. I take huge interest in music and anything art-related. I’m willing to explain all of the people’s unspoken words and to make as many people as I can happy!

Staff Writer: Sarah Mandor

Hey guys,
I am Sarah Mandor a person who loves hearing everyone and said to be an overthinker, I overthink and analyze everything around me to come up with conclusions about everything around us and deliver it in an easy way by my words.
I aspire to make a change in life and to influence as much lives as I can.

Staff Writer: Renad Khaled

Hii, I’m Renad. I’m 18 years old. I’m soon to be a first year college student. I’ve been writing since three years and I always find it a way to express my feelings. I usually write when I need to get things off my chest. I love meeting new people from different places. Besides writing, I really love drawing and photography, or basically any kind of art:)
I’m a very outgoing, adventurous person. I joined the magazine previously but took a break for my studies, I’m now finally back and I hope I do my best.

Staff Writer: Salma Mohamed

Hello it’s Salma , a 17 years old English / Arabic writer in the magazine , Unusual as it may seem to many of us, specially in our relatively young generation, I decided to take my second step on the path of my old aging dream, we’ve all been raised with the encouragement of finidng ourselves a hobby or more that may help us spend our time doing a thing we love, still we lacked the guidance to carry forward and become elites in this hobby, I believe in dreams coming true, I love discovering others potential and ignitting it, we all have abilities that will one day make a perfect combination with our personalities, from all these believes I decided to start by myself by making what I write under the light of criticism, keeping it for myself won’t help me improve, a step that is a precursory challenge for bigger steps to come ! You probably would find my writings an actual rollercoaster that will take you from the deepest minds ever to somehow the simplest language ever , I have always believed that simplicity is the only way you can reach someone’s heart before mind, that’s why you could see clearly how I try to create a massive mixture between the simple language but yet the deepest words !
So yeah this is me and I hope you guys enjoy the few writings of my own , love you all 🤍

Trainee Writer: Maya Aly

Hey I’m maya and i’m a trainee writer. People call me mia for fun you know! All i can say is that i’m a party person and hyped out 24/7. People assume I’m drunk, but yea i’m just being myself.

Trainee Writer: Jana Amin

Hiiii everybody, I’m Geniee, of course not a real geniee haha. 🧞 But I hope to solve your problems through my writings just like the geniee did to Aladin’s. Aww and I love writing romantic poems, sensitive social topics, and short wise quotes too, oh also I’m 15!
Instagram account: @jana.aminnn

Video Editor: Abdulrahman Alashry

Heya! My name is Abdulrahman, but people around me usually call me by Abdo/Ash. I’m a video editor in the team which I have joined in mid-2020. I have many hobbies like learning to program and modeling which I sometimes do from time to time. I joined because I wanted to improve my skills as I was inspired by the magazine.

Staff Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

A Picture Of Abdullah Sobhi
I am Abdallah Sobhi, 17 years old, and an editor in the magazine. I am a senior by now, and I live in Jeddah, KSA. I joined the magazine for almost a year now. I am primarily passionate about football and its articles. My hobbies are basketball and billiards. I am the moody kind in this magazine; sometimes I am so interested to work and sometimes just too lazy. I joined Milkyway Magazine because of being so free at first, but then I found myself there and it became just like my second family.

Staff Editor: Ahmed Hussein

A Picture Of Ahmed Hussein
Hey! I’m Ahmed, one of the editors here in the magazine. An editor is a critical reader and a lover of words whose job is to polish and refine a story or an article. I read whatever, whenever, wherever I can. If you think life is hard, try listening to me playing the guitar.

Staff Editor: Doaa Essam

I’m Doaa Essam, a 25 years old would be Engineer. From a young age I’ve been passionate about watching fantasy movies and tv shows, finding my self in brave, selfless characters or maybe the complete opposite of that. That passion grew that movies and tv shows couldn’t suffice it so i went to reading and that’s when i can truly say i found my self! The first book I’ve ever read was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and that’s why it will forever hold a piece of my heart as that’s why i fell in love with words. From then on i started reading and writing but I can’t yet call my self a writer but one day i will get there.
I’m a very impulsive person always looking for the next adventure, i tried regular 9 to 5 jobs but that just wasn’t me, i want a job where I won’t be shaped into a mold but a job where my passion can grow so that’s why if I didn’t attend my dream college i will sure have my dream job. I’m a major Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of The rings, The Dark Knight, Pirates of The Caribbean and every other movie or tb show you can think of so if you’re looking for any recommendations you know where to come!
Yes, I’m an extrovert through and through and I’ve just begun to accept this. Being an extrovert isn’t easy in a society that doesn’t acknowledge that trait so coming to terms with that was a really hard thing that I’m still learning to manage but I’m accepting it more and more. I can be a hard person to get to know as I’m very secretive but once these walls are down i think you might be surprised by what you find.
Finally Florence Welch is my all time favorite singer and my ultimate dream is to one day see her live in London while traveling the world because really who doesn’t want to travel the world!

Staff Arabic Editor: Nada Basuony

Heyy, it’s Nada basyouni out there! I’m 21 years old. I’m the arabic editor in milkyway, which is actually a pleasure of mine to join such a purposive magazine. I am a student at the faculty of arts, arabic section, so it’s surely obvious why I am editing arabic; it’s my passion actually. I aspire to work in more than one field, mainly journalism and editing novels. I am grateful for teaming up with MilkyWay Magazine and I wish to do great work together!

Artist: Shams Mohamed

This A Picture Of Shams
Hey, it’s Shams. I’m 17 years old, turning 18 in two months. I’m an artist who joined MW magazine recently. Having actually stopped drawing for 4+ years, I made a comeback last year.
Lately, life has been stressing me out, so my only escape was to draw, and that actually relieves my stress. I’m a very passionate, hyperactive, and adventurous person who likes to try new things. I joined this magazine for how inspiring it is and to share my art and improve it while being here. I always see the brighter side in things, and I still have hope that this year will turn out to be better.
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